Artist Bio

Scott Tucker’s artwork is electric, fragmented and beautiful. Scott Tuckers artwork can be controversial, whimsical and real. Scott Tucker has shown and sold work to art collectors, cultural enthusiasts and businessmen alike.  What makes Tucker’s work so unique is his recognition of the cognitive dissonance we face on a regular basis in each and every decision made; who we are against whom or what our lives say we are. Tucker has referred to his paintings before as social vitamins.  Just as people use vitamins to maintain good health, Tucker feels we should use art to maintain a healthy global awareness.  As a lover of literature and film it is safe to say that many of his creations are book and film inspired. Robert Pirsig,

James Joyce, and even Rod Sterling have all been figures in his work. Tucker believes Western Society lives in a fantastic sort of material chaos only upheld due to a lack of personal objective consciousness.

“The world of technology has changed our social and moral landscape onto a zoo. My work combines elements of mass consumption, sex appeal, terror, and nostalgia; all four exist together in an orgy we call pop culture. As an artist, I feel it is my duty to illustrate their sociological effects in my work.” – Scott Tucker

Comments From Advisory Board

  • “Tucker’s socially inspired work consists of themes ranging from mass consumerism to whimsical folly. His sorting and placement of repetitive patterns and simple color schemes speak of sociological concerns we are haunted by in the West. Combining both found images and painted symbols, he expresses heartfelt social commentary.”

    - Advisory Board

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2011 Neiman Marcus Willowbend - “Live Painting Session for 944 Magazine” Dallas, TX
  • 2011 Kettle Art Gallery - “For the Love of Kettle” Dallas, TX
  • 2010 Art Conspiracy - “Art Conspiracy 6” Dallas, TX
  • 2010 Kettle Art Gallery - “Pillars of Creation Show” Dallas, TX
  • 2010 Neiman Marcus Willowbend - “Live Painting Session for Neiman Marcus” Dallas, TX
  • 2010 Space Womb Gallery - “Squared Exhibit” Long Island, NY
  • 2010 F6 Gallery - “Past and Present Show” Ft Worth, TX
  • 2010 Kettle Art Gallery - “The Vitamin Social Art Show” Dallas, TX
  • 2010 Kettle Art Gallery - “For the Love of Kettle Show” Dallas, TX


  • 2002- Who’s Who Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Arts