Large Format Wall Graphics
Visually display your company logo, mission statement and products by utilizing The Art Menu’s large format graphic printing services. Create immediate impact when displaying large-scale wall graphics on any wall or flat surface. This bold and professional large format graphic printing treatment instantly communicates to your clients, customers and employees.

When enlarged, a visual wall graphic demands attention and creates a communal atmosphere. These large format graphics can differentiate groups and departments within a business space. They can also be used to communicate company wide ideas and motivational branding images. Allow us to create visually exciting wall graphic solutions for your new or existing space.

Multi-Dimensional Wall Graphics
Utilizing a wide variety of high tech materials, The Art Menu can help you create a multi-dimensional wall graphic space that is interactive, changeable and visually compelling. Not only can these walls educate your employees and clients, they can impact a space to show company growth, changes and mission perspectives on a three-dimensional, fully functional surface.

Impact your clients and employees by using interactive, multi-dimensional wall graphics. We can create history walls, charts, maps and ever-changing statistical information utilizing the finest designs and high tech materials available on an interactive, changeable wall.

Window Films/Glass Graphics
Frosted window films can add to your company aesthetic, providing semi obscurity on glass elevator lobby entrances and the glass walls of private offices and conference rooms. These quality films can be printed with branding and identity graphics to provide a simple, yet elegant privacy measure.

Window films are the perfect solution for branding and identity graphics on glass. These films provide semi-privacy, decorative or architectural applications on glass doors and walls without blocking out light.

Delivery and Installation
We can meet any delivery and installation challenge. Wall graphics, interior signage, art or photography will come to life as it is carefully installed at your location. Our team of skilled and professional art handlers and installers will carefully remove existing materials, prime and paint walls and execute installation of new work.

The Art Menu offers delivery and complete on-site installation of your visual graphic project. We are detail oriented, efficient and qualified. Our excellent customer services make us the right choice for your next project.

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